K 2013 International Trade Fair for Plastics and Rubber

K 2013, the International Trade Fair for
Plastics and Rubber, is going to take place in Düsseldorf from 16-23 October,
and it will be the undisputed flagship event for plastics again. The focus of
its attention will be not only on optimised standard raw materials, but also on
bio-, advanced and reinforced plastics and the latest developments in the
fields of structural materials and functional polymers for futuristic
applications. To illustrate the many improvements already attributed to plastic
products in every day life and their potential contribution to future
challenges, a special show with the title “Plastics move the world” will
be realized in hall 6. It takes a broad approach to the meaning of the word “to
move”. It includes not merely the direct contributions of plastics to different
areas of mobility, but also emotional aspects generated by art and design, and
their potential for solving future problems such as demographic growth,
increasing energy consumption and climate change.

kappaWe also think you could find interesting the Innovation Compass instrument, available from September: all the innovations
that K 2013 exhibitors want to present. Don’t miss it!

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HALL 5; E04


Continue Time

That is what Sander Mulder asks us to, when introducing his latest design, a clock of its own. The Dutch designer challenges the time consumer by making him think not only about the passing time, but as well about its value and presentation. Can time be sweet? Can it be hard? What does time mean to us?


At the Salone del Mobile 2010 in Milan Mulder introduced his latest designs. And when looking at the “artworks” of the designer, you might think this man is not restricted by his thoughts in any way. He works with lighting, furniture and different accessories. The forerunner of the Continue Time was the About Time, a clock, that would rotate on your desk, while time passes.


Sander Mulder was presented by one of the top magazines for innovative movements, the Chinese VISION and even in the NY Times add. And he says about his studio works: “We work for ourselves, with no urge to fulfil expectations other then our own, we immerse ourselves in all kinds of subjects. Inspired and refreshed our resulting dreams are made into reality through beautiful craftsmanship.”

Check out their website and learn more: http://www.sandermulder.com .

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Villa Nurbs – A Plastic Paradise

Enric Ruiz-Geli, Spanish architect and genius, is opening a new way of future living comfort. Ruiz-Geli created the Villa Nurbs (NURBS=”non-uniform rational B-spline”) in the coastal town Empuriabrava at the Costa Brava (Spain), whose completion haven’t been realized yet. One can say, there is surely not much missing. With the help of the artist Frederic Amat and the ceramist Toni Cumella he created a  magical living space. The mixture of ceramics and plastics try to optimize the surface and structure, which is important for the temperature regulation inside the house. The wavelike ceramic plates decorate the façade and protect against strong solar radiation.

Villa Nurbs by architect Enric Ruiz-Geli and Cloud 9, picture from http://www.ruiz-geli.com

The complex geometry is stabile but adaptable, the new materials in the area of architecture are a great challenge for the architect and the completion of Villa Nurbs will express all his aim to optimize building resources and to harmonize nature with technology. The energy-saving roof consists of inflatable plastic bubbles. Seen from above you might see the similarity to the eyes of a fly.

Ruiz-Geli studied architecture at the Escola d’Arquitectura Superior de Barcelona and Mississippi State University, he further studied stage design at the Institut Del Teatre de Barcelona and later scenography and architecture at the Ecole de la Villette in Paris. In 1997, he founded the architecture studio Cloud 9 and has since worked with artists from various disciplines.In various exhibitions worldwide, such as “A Green New Deal – From Geopolitics to Biosphere Politics” and “New Trends of Architecture”, Patras, Tokyo, interested people can learn about Ruiz-Geli’s innovative ideas and his experience with new architectural materials.

Visit his website to learn more:


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