Evelyne Bermann: “I can realize shapes, which wouldn’t be realizable with glass.”

When GEVACRIL ACRYLICS exhibited at the K-2010 in Düsseldorf they had the opportunity to support the creative ideas of artst Evelyne Bermann. She lives in Lichtenstein and works with acrylic glass and fluorescent colors and goes beyond the imaginable. Bermann transforms the material, rearranges shapes and colors and takes us into a perfectly designed acrylic world. Seeing her pieces becomes entering and following this new world! To introduce Bermann’s art to you we present the following interview and recommend a visit to the artists website.

Which characteristics of acrylic glass made you decide to use this material artistically?

I almost use only transparent acrylic glass. This transparency appears to be light and elegant. It is this lightness that convinced me to continue working with acrylic glass. You can always see the levels in the back and you can include the crossovers or even make them part of the content. Besides there is light and an effect of light refraction.

Another advantage is the viscosity of the material. I can realize shapes, which wouldn’t be realizable with glass. Thereby I can exercise my own creative language, for example my wave-like lines.

It is as well very important to me that I can process the material myself and thus create my very own artworks.

In the end I think that there are plenty of fascinating new materials which surround us every day. But they still find seldom use in contemporary arts.

Your cubes and steles show plenty of shapes and details, which you worked out with an extreme precision. By using which means you can make this possible?

The processing of acrylic glass can’t be studied yet in public courses. Some years ago I got hints and papers regarding the processing. And the rest I learned by “trial and error”. Within time I worked myself into the territory of acrylic glass.

I tried out different cutting methods, different glues, methods of sanding and polishing and a lot more. Meanwhile I am quite experienced and owe four different types of cutting machines.

The reason for working precisely is probably my learned profession as a graphic-designer. I’ve studied and worked in this profession when PCs weren’t broadly available and people had to prepare everything with their own hands. I love to work with my hands and therefore I can work very patiently. For example, I usually sawed all curves and circles with a dekupier-saw (a motorized fret saw).


Not only do you work with different shapes, but further with various colors, as well using fluorescent colors. What meaning do colors have in your art works?

Colors are my big love and they are determinant for my art-works. Especially the reduced color range for acrylic glass is a real challenge to my creative abilities.

I fell in love with fluorescent colors, especially with their luminous edges. These colors were the main reason for me to switch to the material of acrylic glass.  They add their lines to the color patches and are like drawings in space, which further create a different image when changing the viewer perspective. So each object receives a multi-faceted design that can fascinate a viewer time and again.


Thank you so much Mrs. Bermann!

Your GevaBlog Team