Interesting acrylic glass art

At Daimler Contemporary, an art gallery in Postdamer Platz, Berlin, you can now find an interesting exhibition called ‘Conceptual Tendencies 1960s to Today II’ . This exhibition talk about Conceptual art, an artistic movement in which the concept or the  idea involved in the work is more important than traditional aesthetic and material roles. Here you can see some interesting works made by the artist Natalia Stachon in which she use acrylic glass in contrast with steel: some welded steel girders ran horizontally across the entire floor, the perception of which transformed the space into a spatiotemporal energy with a quality of openness, and two groups of three 250 cm long acrylic glass tubes, held together by wide belts, hunged from the ceiling like a balance beam. What is emphasized here is the fact that the stages that Natalia Stachon conceives for her artworks are neither motifs nor the arena for ‘sculptural narratives’. Instead, they are a self-reflexive locus for art as art: the artworks reflect their derivation and their redirection, they make us acquainted with their placeholder position as ‘variables in an experimental protocol’, and this ensures an openness in the way the space is experienced.