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GEVACRIL® Acrylics

GEVACRIL® Acrylics

GEVACRIL® was founded in 1972 when Dr. Cattaneo began to manufacture cast acrylic tubes. In 1973 the company started to export to Switzerland and soon expanded into the most important world markets.
GEVACRIL ACRYLICS®’ commercial subsidiary, which nowadays manages the “business communication”, was successfully established in Heidelberg, Germany in 1995.

Today GEVACRIL® is a consolidated global player with distributors and agents spread over five continents and more than forty countries. More than 75% of production volume is sold internationally. The product range includes 20 product families such as Cast, XT and PC Tubes, Rods, Bars, Profiles, and the innovative GEVACRIL-Metallic® Tubes, Fluor-Acryl® Rods and Bars, Cast Continued® Tubes. More than a 1000 items are produced and stocked.

About our GEVACRIL®-Blog

GEVACRIL® - Lifestyle

GEVACRIL® - Lifestyle

Since the slogan of GEVACRIL® is “Quality does matter” the focus of the company lies on the quality of products equally as on its customer services. A good service implies as well informing the customer about the latest news, which  GEVACRIL® is doing in its regular Newsletter. But further GEVACRIL® would like to provide you with more information, focusing on acrylics but combining it with culture. This is how the idea for this blog about Acrylics & Lifestyle was born and what GEVACRIL® want to inspirit in the future. Lifestyle stands for diverse fields of arts, recent developments as well as for culinary art.

Please feel free to surf the GEVACRIL® blog, to comment on its posts and to give some suggestions on the topics, that interest you.



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