3D printing

3D-printing is a form of additive manufacturing where a 3-dimensional object is created by laying down multiple layers of a material. The printer works taking a 3d file from a computer, it transforms the file in more sections; every small section is printed one above the other, obtaining the object.

3D-printing touches a diverse set of industries, professions and activities and it involves even  the plastics world: most desktop 3D printers call for some type of plastic 3D print material, specifically ABS filament or PLA filament.  ABS is the most ‘established’ filament, having been refined in other industries for decades. Being less sensitive to heat, ABS requires higher extrusion temperatures and a heated bed. This makes it ideal for jobs where temperature needs to be finely tuned. PLA has taken significant ‘material-share’ in recent years; its extrusion-temperature is much lower than ABS, and most often doesn’t require a heated bed.

3D-printing is bursting with innovation,  it has revolutionized the speed, cost and accessibility of prototyping. No longer additive manufacturing is restricted to fortunate  few companies. Now, small firms and institutions, individual engineers and inventors, and even do-it-yourself tinkerers, can bring their concepts or ideas into reality. You can easier realize a prototype or every day objects like sculpture, jewelry, furniture, machine parts, medical casts (dental crowns), recreational goods (snowboards)….


Here you can see two examples: the first  image represents the printing and the second one represents the created object.





credit: http://3dprinterhub.com


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