Continue Time

That is what Sander Mulder asks us to, when introducing his latest design, a clock of its own. The Dutch designer challenges the time consumer by making him think not only about the passing time, but as well about its value and presentation. Can time be sweet? Can it be hard? What does time mean to us?

At the Salone del Mobile 2010 in Milan Mulder introduced his latest designs. And when looking at the “artworks” of the designer, you might think this man is not restricted by his thoughts in any way. He works with lighting, furniture and different accessories. The forerunner of the Continue Time was the About Time, a clock, that would rotate on your desk, while time passes.

Sander Mulder was presented by one of the top magazines for innovative movements, the Chinese VISION and even in the NY Times add. And he says about his studio works: “We work for ourselves, with no urge to fulfil expectations other then our own, we immerse ourselves in all kinds of subjects. Inspired and refreshed our resulting dreams are made into reality through beautiful craftsmanship.”

Check out their website and learn more: .

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